We can ship batteries by ground within the USA. Internationally or via air, batteries are considered dangerous goods and may have limits on shipping. In particular shipping batteries by themselves (i.e. without equipment) may be denied shipping. Shipping batteries with equipment is preferable, however we never guarantee that we will be able to ship batteries via air.

Your address will be a USA street address – not a PO BOX – in the following form:

Your Name

1000 West Washington Avenue . # (Your Account Number)

Pleasantville, NJ 08232

We are well located in Pleasantville, New Jersey.

Yes, a corporation can have a I am Gateway account. Form 1583 and copy of two identifications must be submitted by a legal representative of the corporation.

We ship to almost any country in the world with a few exceptions. For a complete list of countries, we serve please visit the rates page.

Absolutely! A big part of our business is customers that live in the United States and prefer to use our services for their mail and shipping needs. RVers, sales reps, and people on the move appreciate the Mailbox Manager and forwarding features.

Our rates for USA plans are very competitive. To see our USA rates or to sign up please visit our rates page.

As often as you like. I am Gateway Mail Manager gives you complete control. You may choose a Monthly or Weekly frequency. Or you may request shipments on a need basis.

If you choose a set frequency you may still order shipments on a need basis via the web page. Please note that if you order a shipment through our web page, your scheduled shipment will still be shipped according to the frequency you selected unless you change the frequency.

Monthly automatic shipments are generated 30 days from your last automatic shipment (or from signup for new accounts). However, if on that date a shipment can't be generated because your inbox happens to be empty or because you have not completed the form 1583 process, then a shipment is generated as soon as an item arrives in your inbox or we receive your form 1583. The next shipment will be generated 30 days from that new date.

Most likely you have selected to receive your shipments with a set frequency (monthly, biweekly, or weekly) and because we can't know your intentions when entering a shipment, manually entered shipments do not alter your chosen frequency.

If you want us to hold a shipment, please change your frequency or notify us.

Free shipment allowance are applied to the FIRST shipment of the billing period. Unused shipments do not rollover to the next period.

If you plan to only receive a limited number of letters and other documents in your mailbox each month you may take advantage of our “Standard” or "Basic" plans. These plans provide an inexpensive way for you to receive your items.

Absolutely! If you can’t access the internet we can simply forward all your mail and packages to you on a regular basis. When signing up, please make sure that you select your shipment frequency.

Form 1583 is required by the United States Postal Service for us to be able to act as your agent for the purpose of receiving mail and packages. Form 1583 is a legal requirement and we can’t waive it under any circumstance.

If you need help or instructions to fill Form 1583 click here.[

If you do not plan to receive items in your mailbox through the US Postal Service then we can accept the form via email.

If you plan to receive items in your mailbox through the US Postal Service the law also requires us to keep originals on file, thus we can’t accept a faxed or e-mailed copy. In this case Form 1583 must contain the original signature and be stamped by a notary (or if a notary if not available by a government or bank officer (or attorney) with an official stamp). Two original copies of Form 1583 along with copies of two forms of identification will need to be submitted to us in order for us to activate all the features on the account.


We will also need a photocopy of the front and back of the credit card you used to register.


Acceptable forms of identification include: Passport, Government ID, Driver’s License, Recognized Corporate ID, Insurance Policies, etc. For a complete list see Form 1583 (download here)

United States Postal Regulation requires us to have that form before we can ship your items. Providing you with your USA address and some access to your account let’s you begin using some features of the service immediately. However, we can’t allow you full access (including shipping) until you complete the process.

No. Since many customers use their I am Gateway address for other reasons than mail forwarding for which a form 1583 is not required your account will not be automatically canceled and you will still be responsible for monthly charges.

Nevertheless, we may deactivate access to your Mail Manager online account and return mail to sender if we do not receive your form 1583 on time.


Should you want to cancel your account please email us a cancellation request.

A notary is a person that verifies your identity when signing Form 1583. The notary should witness the signature and affirm that you are who you claim to be by posting his/her seal to the form. If you don’t have access to a notary, or a notary is too expensive, you may find a local official such as an attorney, government or bank official who can stamp the form. You can usually find a notary in the local US consulate or embassy. Also, you may try to use an online notary service such as this one.

If you are already receiving mail or packages at another address, fill out a Change of Address Form at your local post office. This will instruct the USPS to forward any mail that is received at your old address to your new address for a period of up to six months.

Please note that due to recent changes in the USPS website you may not be able to do the change of address online as you may get an error saying that the USPS will not forward an individual's mail to a business. This is not the case with a CMRA (Commercial Mail Receiving Agency) but the USPS is still working on solving the issue. Please fill out the form in your post office to ensure proper forwarding.

Most plans allow up to three additional names in the same account, but more may be added with our approval. To add additional names visit the “Account Settings” section of the Mailbox Manager.

We will need a form 1583 and copies of two identifications for each additional name you add to your account. A nominal fee applies.

Important: Because the law does not allow us to receive mail for a person that does not complete a form 1583, we will not accept any mail or package to your account that is addressed to a person not registered in your account.

We accept all major credit cards. If you don’t have a credit card or don’t want to use one, please contact us to arrange alternate forms of payment. In this case, a deposit will be required.

At signup you will be required to pay the setup fee and first month of service using your credit card. Future fees and charges will be automatically charged to the credit card on file. Thus, as long as you keep a credit card in good standing on file you won’t need a deposit.

You may begin receiving mail in your account however you will not have full access to the features in your account until you complete the signup process by sending us the two original forms 1583, the copies of two identification documents, and a copy of front and back of your credit card.

Due to the nature of our industry, fraud is prevalent. By reducing fraud, we are able to lower our costs and offer you better rates.

By requesting a copy of the card from all of our customers we establish that the customer is indeed who he/she claims to be and that the credit card is in his/her possession.

In order to reduce any security concerns we encourage you to block the middle digits of your card number leaving the first 4 and last 4 digits visible,

I am Gateway, will always keep you information private and confidential.

You may receive mail and packages delivered by the US Postal Service, and international couriers such as Fedex, DHL, and UPS. This means that you can shop online and use your I am Gateway address as a mailing address.

You may also receive faxes at I am Gateway  common fax number (a fax fee will apply) and view it by login in to your Mailbox Manager. Since this is a common (public) fax only properly identified faxes will be delivered to your mailbox. You may view your assigned Fax number in the “Account Settings” section of the Mail Manager.

Although your plan and shipping rates are based on the country you selected as your home country (when you signed up) we can ship your shipments to wherever you are.

This feature is particularly useful if you are traveling in the United States and want to take your items home with you.

Please note that shipments to destinations outside of your plan's country will be billed at that country's default shipping rates (i.e. Bronze for international destinations, Priority/Express for USA destinations).

Important: Remember that you are responsible for all custom taxes and duties for all shipments. Please check with your local customs agency for any taxes or prohibited items.

Depending on the plan you choose, you will be able to hold mail at no additional charge for a period between 30 and 60 days. Mail held in your mailbox for a longer period will cause a storage fee.

Also, I am Gateway reserves the right to either forward all mailbox contents without prior notice to the address on record or upgrade the account to higher plan if excessive amounts of mail or packages are held in the Mailbox or if a particular item has been held in the Mailbox for an unreasonable amount of time. In both cases, the customer will be responsible for all fees.

Yes you can. A pickup fee of $15.00 for the first pound and $1.00 for additional pounds will apply. We are open from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday to Friday. If a friend is picking your items for you, he/she will need to bring a signed letter from you and a copy of the identification you provided to us along with form 1583 in order to release the items.

With the I am Gateway Mailbox Manager, you will be able to log in and view your mailbox contents as soon as they arrive to our facility.

In addition, if you need to urgently review the contents of a letter or document you received in your mailbox, you may choose the “scan” option. With this option we will open the letter, scan it to an electronic file, and upload the file to your inbox for your review or email it to you. This is a very convenient feature that other mail forwarding companies do not offer.

With most monthly plans I am Gateway Mailbox Manager gives you the control to discard any piece of mail you don’t want at no extra charge. By doing this, I am Gateway helps you save in shipment weight and costs.

Please note that due to government regulations we may not always be able to discard your unwanted item. In such case, you will be informed via e-mail. If your plan does not include this feature you may upgrade your account by contacting us.

We are authorized shippers for the major international carriers (UPS, DHL, FEDEX) and the United States Postal Services and you will have the chance to select the method you want. However please note that we reserve the right to change the method of shipment without notice to you. In such case which carrier we use will depend on the destination country as different carriers usually have a different track record of service in different countries, thus we will choose the one that based on your preference and our experience provides the best service in your country.

We reserve the right to ship with the courier of our choice.

Of Course! One of the best features about our service is that we will consolidate your shipment whenever physically possible. This is guaranteed to save you money (over shipping items in separate shipping orders). In difference to other service providers, we will not charge anything for this service.

If due to physical size, or other constraints, or if it is not economical justifiable to consolidate your shipment, we will immediately notify you and provide you the most economical options for your particular shipment.

I am Gateway gives you the option of requesting repackaging for any shipment. This option can save you a substantial amount of money at no risk to you!

When you select this NO COST option, I am Gateway will attempt to repackage your items and produce savings in shipment weight and cost. If savings are achieved, I am Gateway, will share those savings with you. We will credit a percentage (determined by your plan) of the savings into your account!

We also provide the option to request repacking at a flat fee per box and you will keep all the savings (if any).

When a package is relatively large for its weight, carriers use Dimensional Weight (Dim Weight) to calculate the shipping rates. For a full explanation visit the Dim Weight Page.

Additionally we apply a minimum per item weight that depends on the type of item. This minimum is 0.05 lb for letters and postcards.

In most cases this charge includes the fuel surcharge rate charged by our courier companies. This charge is disclosed in our rates pages. To see the current fuel surcharge please visit DHL fuel surcharge page.

We will accept these types of mail on your behalf. Also for "restricted delivery" mail you ust provide specific authorization in your form 1583 Also, for COD items, you will be required to provide the funds in advance and we can refuse a COD package it it has not been paid and approved by us in advance.

Yes! This is probably the most popular feature of your account. When buying online, by phone, or by catalog simply use your I am Gateway address as your shipping address. This will allow you to access products, promotions, and process otherwise available only to US residents.

You may not use our phone or fax number. If any retailer contacts us regarding a purchase we will limit it to explain that we are a mail forwarding company and that they should contact you via email. If you need a USA phone number we recommend that you visit our phone service section for a third party provider.

There are several things you can do:

1) Use our Personal Shopper services. Send us the information on what to buy and where. We will buy it for you and charge your credit card for the cost of the item plus a nominal service fee.

2) You may try to get a Debit Card with your mailing address as the billing address.

3) Contact your credit card issuer and request that a secondary address be added to your card. Use your I am Gateway address as your secondary address. Most credit card companies will allow this.

No. Our rates include all transportation costs to you. However, customs laws and duties vary by country and depend on the declared value of your items. In most cases, the carrier will collect any duties or taxes at the moment of delivery. Please note that document shipments will rarely need to pay any taxes.

Also, I am Gateway, can not be responsible for any delays caused by customs difficulties. For more information contact your local customs office.

Yes, we normally prepare and include a commercial invoice at no cost to you with international shipments. We prepare a basic commercial invoice based on the information that you provide. You decide what item description and value is appropriate to the shipment's contents.

Please note that commercial invoices or any other customs documents are prepared as a courtesy and convenience to our customers. We do not guarantee that the commercial invoice will be accepted or adequate for any particular shipment or custom's authority. Furthermore we are NEVER responsible for any delays or problems in customs for ANY reason, including missing or improperly prepared documentation. You are ultimately responsible for customs clearance.

Customer's that would like to use their own commercial invoice or customs documentation may send that to us. We will if possible, include them with your shipment (an additional fee may apply). Again I am Gateway will not be responsible for any delays or problems in customs for having included or not included such documentation with your shipment.

The declared value is used for insurance and custom purposes. We recommend you declare an appropriate value for the item.

This value could be retail price, wholesale price, or any other value you feel is reasonable. Please note that our responsibility is simply to put the value you indicate in the customs form. You are the ultimate responsible for determining the value and I am Gateway will not be responsible for any delays.

Please note that due to regulations in many countries, the value for insurance purposes may never be higher than the value for customs purposes.

Although prohibited items vary by country, in no case can we ship internationally the following items:

-Hazardous Materials (these may include certain batteries)

-Weapons, Weapons Accessories/Parts/Replicas/Soft guns or Ammunitions

-Fresh Food and other Perishables

-Night Vision or Scopes

- Seeds, Plants and Fresh Flowers



-Frozen Items


-Alcohol, Alcoholic Drinks

Combustible/Flammable Materials (paints, oils lighters, perfumes)

-Pressurized Alcohol and Sprays




-Drugs/Narcotics, Cannabis or its derivatives, Hemp or its derivatives, CBD, pills, Opioids, Capsules, Powders, or any item that we can't verify the contents.

-Human Remains


-Collectibles/Antiques/Rare items worth more than $499

We also reserve the right to not ship any item including unlabeled items, powdery substances,etc.

Please ensure that any items you ship are allowed into your country before you ship the item. I am Gateway, will not be responsible for items that are delayed, confiscated, or produce excessive duties due to customs regulations or customs difficulties.

You may also check the web sites of DHL, FEDEX, UPS and the USPS or check with your local customs office.

Please note that most carriers won't accept expensive jewelry for shipping or insurance.

You will have the option to request insurance for manually generated shipments. A fee will apply.

Automatically generated shipments based on your selected automatic shipping frequency are generally not insured. If you want insurance please request the shipment manually.

Please note that requesting and paying for insurance does not guarantee that the items are indeed insured nor that all claims will be paid. I am Gateway only acts as an agent to purchase insurance on yor behalf, and any insurance is subject to the terms and conditions of the insurance company or carrier. Among items that insurance companies may not insure even if insurance is paid for, include:

Accounts, bills, bullion, collectibles, currency, deeds, evidence of debt, furs, original/fine art, computer chips, loose precious/semi precious stones, money, notes, securities, perishable cargo, televisions, tickets, personal goods, or similar property.

Any parcel containing liquid or items under pressure (canisters etc.)

Any parcel containing personal goods to accommodate an employer and/or employee.

Any loss due to war or nuclear radiation or damage.

The US Department of State may require special export license for products such as supercomputers, high end electronics with military application, etc. I am Gateway does not obtain special export licenses and will not ship internationally anything that we determine may need a special export license. Also we do not ship firearms, firearms parts.

Please follow the steps below to cancel your account:

1) Notify all your senders and ensure that you are no longer receiving mail in your I am Gateway account.

2) Ensure that your Inbox is empty. Request a shipment of all your INBOX items. Alternatively, if your plan includes the discard option you may place a discard order. If your plan does not allow discards but you prefer to discard your items, you may request to discard your items via email for a $1 per lb discard fee ($15 minimum).

3) Ensure that you have no balance due in your account. If you do have a balance due we will charge your card on record upon cancellation, therefore please ensure that we have current card information on file.

4) After your INBOX is empty and you balance due is zero please send us an email requesting the cancellation of your account. Please remember that our terms and conditions require a 30 day cancellation notice. So, we will charge a last monthly fee upon cancellation (or you may send a 30 day notice and then email us again to cancel at the 30 day mark)

Please be aware that as per USPS regulations we can't refuse delivery of your mail for the first 6 months after cancellation, therefore according to our operating agreement, after cancellation we will discard any mail or package that is received in your account.

We are sorry that you are thinking about canceling your services.

In order to change your plan, please contact us or write us an e-mail.

Can we send you Mail to be forwarded to our customers?

Yes, you can use our remailing services to forward mail to our customers. See more info of our remailing services here.

We value your privacy and the confidentiality of the information you have trusted us with. Therefore, I am Gateway will never sell your personal information without your knowledge and consent.

The only circumstance in which we may share your information is when cooperating with the Unites States Government as required by law. Read our privacy Policy

When submitting information over the net we use a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption software which ensures to protect your information from hackers and third parties.

We use a highly secure payment gateway to process you credit card, and we only include the last digits of your credit card in our correspondence.

We encourage you to keep your password complete confidential to secure access to your account.

Our fees include all shipping charges to your country, however we do not include any duties or taxes associated with it. You are responsible to reimburse the courier for them.

Furthermore you should always check with your local customs agency for any prohibited items or elevated tariffs, we will not be responsible for delays in customs or of any kind.

Most plans allow you to discard items from your mailbox. Discarded documents (i.e. letters, etc.) are shredded in our warehouse by an independent company that provides to us a certificate of destruction. Magazines, packages, etc that can't be shredded are simply disposed of.

Our office and warehouse is located in the Pleasantville, NJ.

We will deliver to any address that FEDEX or DHL deliver. Our published rates include all transportation cost to your address except fuel surcharge and charged for delivery outside the courier's delivery area. If your address falls outside the couriers normal delivery area they can still sometimes deliver but a surcharge between $20 and $40 will probably apply. In this case you will be charged for this surcharge.

You may use your address for almost any licit activity. However if we receive information that indicates that your account MAY be being used for illicit or fraudulent purposes, we reserve the right to cancel your account automatically and return all items to senders. In addition to obvious fraud, other activities for which your account might be considered for cancellation include:

1) Using your address mass mailings, direct mail campaigns, or for e-mail spamming campaigns.

2) Using your address for "phishing" activities.

3) Using your account to ship illegal or hazardous materials.

4) Using your address to maliciously misrepresent your identity to authorities or to the public.

5) Any other activities that may be considered illegal, unethical, or malicious by I am Gateway.

Please note that we reserve the right to cooperate with authorities in combating fraud and identity theft. We will also honor all valid legal subpoenas.