What is Remailing ?

With I am Gateway's remailing and reshipping services individuals and companies outside the USA can easily take advantage of low USA shipping and mailing rates to reach their customers, vendors, or anyone! Just like a USA company.

If you have "ready-to-ship" items and want to mail letters or bulk ship these items to USA addresses, simply consolidate them into a single shipment and send it to your I am Gateway USA address.

"Ready-to-Ship" items are packages or letters that are labeled and packed in a way that is ready to be mailed or shipped to the final recipient.

Remailing and Re Shipping Rates

The rates below apply for standard remailing of items that are the same weight, size, and postage in the same batch. However please note that each remaining customer's needs are different and all jobs distinct. Therefore, we reserve the right to price remailing on a case by case basis. If your batch has more than 100 items or your items weight more than 40 lbs, please contact us for customized pricing.

Batch Fee:$10 per batch

Item Fee*:

  • $0.50 per envelope under 8 oz.
  • $1.00 per item under 1 lb.
  • $2.00 per item under 5 lb
  • $3.00 per item under 10 lb.
  • $5.00 per item under 20 lb.
  • $10.00 per item over 20 lb and under 40 lbs.

Postage Fee:$0.50 per item plus cost of postage.

Postage will be charged at actual cost plus 15%. You can save the postage fee by adding postage to your items yourself before sending to us. You can buy stamps from us and we can ship them to you, or you can use websites such as stamps.com or endicia.com


*Dimensional Weight applies.

To get started with our remaining services please contact us.

If your items are not ready-to-ship and you want to send us your inventory so that we can fulfill your customer's order, please see our Order Fulfillment Services

Work - Work -

How Does Remailing Work?


You pack and label each of your items to be "ready-to-ship".


You consolidate your items into a single shipment and ship to I am Gateway.


We receive your shipment.


We deliver them to the US Postal Service or courier of choice to be delivered across the USA.